Tailor-made insurance solutions in your language

Tailor-made insurance solutions in your language

Tailor-made insurance solutions in your language

Insurance is complicated – even more so in a foreign language

Insurance is so large and complex that it is sometimes difficult to gather all the information you need to make the right decisions – particularly in a foreign language. Each insurance company has its own products with their own, sometimes very different features. Faced with this, it’s difficult to define your exact needs and find products that suit.

It’s hard to work out what’s best alone

You don’t have to take out insurance, but not doing so is risky. In fact, in France, certain insurances are compulsory and others are strongly recommended. It is difficult to make the right choice because the market is confusing – and everything’s in a foreign language. It can also be very difficult to work out the level of cover you need or make a claim without a professional on side.

An insurance broker is your best bet

The best option is to choose an insurance broker who speaks your language. When you choose a broker you can draw on their expertise to make the best decisions. Your broker’s professional knowledge and experience will help properly assess your insurance needs and select the best insurance as well as help you make a claim if you need to. I am that broker!

With NATHALIE MANAS ASSURANCES, you are guaranteed a high quality service and tailored contracts.

Why a broker?

When you choose a broker you:

Save time because they identify your needs and compare products for you
Save money because they’ll finding what is right for you at the best price
Avoid duplicating insurance contracts

And the great news is that all this comes at no extra cost to you. Why? Because a broker is paid a commission by the insurance company that you place your business with.


NATHALIE MANAS ASSURANCES – close to my clients, and…

✓ I have access to a wide selection of insurance companies and will do my best to find the cover that’s right for your particular needs
✓ You will get an excellent price/quality of service, no matter how complex your situation
✓ I will regularly provide reviews, which means your contracts will always up to date with your situation
✓ You will save time and money
✓ Dealing with me means you’re known by your name and not by your policy number
✓ Working for you, without being tied to any insurance company means I will always be there for you to protect your interests
✓ I regularly take part in education which means my knowledge and skills stay up to date

With NATHALIE MANAS ASSURANCES, you are guaranteed a high quality service and tailored contracts.

How it works when you choose NATHALIE MANAS ASSURANCES

NATHALIE MANAS ASSURANCES is an independent insurance broker working with a dozen insurance companies, which are consulted daily to identify the best solution for your needs.

I take time to meet my clients, even at their home, in order to define their needs and find a solution to their problems. Then I do all the market research and come back to you with a proposal.

Once you’ve signed your contract, I provide the administrative follow-up throughout the lifetime of your contracts. I give you advice and revisions if changes are necessary, such as a move or the sale of an asset. In the event of a claim, I help you with the process and ensure a fair and speedy settlement.

Insurance is above all a matter of trust!

Are you looking for a car, house or health insurance ? NATHALIE MANAS ASSURANCES helps you find the solution that best suits your needs.

► House
► Vehicle
► Motorcycle
► Health & Income Protection
► Mortgage insurance
► Pet insurance
► Legal protection
► Yachting
► Leisure & Sports
► International

  • Artisans and traders
  • Services
  • Farmers
  • Auto-entrepreneurs
  • Associations

No matter what your business, NATHALIE MANAS ASSURANCES will support you with all your insurance needs.

► Business insurance and ‘Décennale’
► Multi-risk insurance
► Health insurance and Income Protection
► Business and fleet vehicles
► Transporting goods
► Legal protection

NATHALIE MANAS ASSURANCES will help you build your savings. Let’s make an appointment to talk about it.

► Assurance vie (adding value to your savings, financing a building project, anticipating the cost of your children’s education, preparing your retirement, organising the transfer of your assets …).
► Savings for self-employed people (anticipating and preparing for your retirement).

Meet me, Nathalie MANAS

I spent 20 years working in an insurance agency as a client advisor, where I gained expertise, worked closely with clients and built trusting relationships. This experience gave me the idea and confidence to set up my own business.

In July 2018, I founded NATHALIE MANAS ASSURANCES, my insurance brokerage specialised in helping English-speaking clients. Working this way gives me the opportunity to be freer, multi-brand and independent.

I have a DESS Certificat d’Aptitude à l’Administration des Entreprises. This is equivalent to a master’s degree in business management, and gives me the knowledge and skills to run a business and serve you better.

To develop my international skills, I took classes about insurance in English. I studied general insurance contracts (car, house, health…), life insurances and ‘Assurance Vie’. Moreover, I familiarised myself with the differences between insurance in France and in an English-speaking country as well as the Anglo-Saxon culture.

Finally, after several years learning general English by myself, I am proud to have successfully completed two Cambridge English Qualifications: B2 First in 2007 and C1 Advanced in 2015. In 2017, I also took insurance courses in German (house, car and health).

With these high-level qualifications, I have the skills to help you.

Entreprise individuelle au capital social de 9 228 euros : NATHALIE MANAS ASSURANCES
Siège social : Lieu-dit Lamoussette, 32400 Tarsac

RCS Auch 840 135 164

Code NAF: 6622 Z

Coordonnées de contact:

Email : nathalie@nathaliemanas.fr

Portable : 07 72 12 17 00

LinkedIn : Nathalie Manas

Nathalie Manas Assurances exerce son activité en application des dispositions de l’article L 521-2 du Code des assurances.

Immatriculée à l’ORIAS (Organisme pour le Registre des Intermédiaires en Assurance) dans la catégorie courtier d’assurance sous le numéro 18 004 559 (www.orias.fr).

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